11 Energetic Tunes From Around the World

11 Energetic Tunes From Around the World


My new book of eleven dance tunes from around the world. This book was written after years of experience teaching different string ensembles in NSW and designed to meet the needs of the modern student ensemble (which may vary wildly in instrumentation, age and ability). Expect dance music from France, Ireland, South Africa, China, and many more!

Every single part comes with a recorded backing track, at slow and fast tempos, in either tutti, or solo with an accompanying guitar.

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1. The Lion Sleeps Tonight: For Intermediate String orchestra. A fun and bouncy tune that all the kids know. There is even an introduction to improvisation that the kids love!

2 The Chicken Dance: For Intermediate String Ensemble. A children’s favourite! One the children know their parts, try pushing the tempo until it all falls apart.

3. Green Island Serenade: For Intermediate String Ensemble.
This is a gorgeous Chinese tune delicately arranged for string orchestra. Each section is designated a solo and the tutti sections are both powerful and beautiful.